Evictions, Leasing & More

A Landlord’s Legal Needs

First Neighborhood Law Firm understands the legal needs of a landlord or leasing agent. The firm is prepared to meet these needs with fairly priced services and rapid action to allow clients to make their properties produce more income by opening up non-producing space for rental to paying tenants.

First Neighborhood Law Firm has various fee arrangements available to meet the needs of a large apar tment complex, shopping center, office building or smaller residential operations.

First Neighborhood Law Firm is also ready to represent the owners of single family re sidences or duplexes who rent their properties full or part-time.


The complexities of Florida’s landlord/ tenant laws and the special requirements and notice procedures concerning residential or commercial leasing require knowledgeable attorneys, with

constant monitoring of changing laws and court interpretations. The time lost when eviction cases are dismissed for some legal technicality means lost money to the landlord, and may cost a landlord additional money for damages and tenants’ attorney fees. First Neighbor

hood Law Firm does not recommend that any landlord or leasing agent risk such losses and expense by attempting eviction proceedings without legal representation.

First Neighborhood Law Firm can also assist property owners and managers with legal advice and drafting of leases, non-payment advisories, termination notices, notifications to cease violations of lease restrictions, security forfeitures and other important documents needed to conduct the business of leasing; tailored to each particular client’s requirements.