Insurance Claims

Collecting from your own insurance company

First Neighborhood Law Firm is ready to represent you if you have a valid claim for insurance benefits that your own insurance company refuses to pay.

You may not realize that in Florida your insurance company is legally responsible to reimburse all attorneys fees incurred by you while forcing it to pay a valid claim. This is true regardless of the wording in your insurance policy. Don’t let money issues hold you back from consulting with our office about the best way to go about collecting your insurance benefits.

Even though this is the law, insurance companies regularly refuse to pay all manner of claims. They attempt to convince their policyholders to abandon legitimate claims in frustration, or to take a fraction of what they are entitled to as settlement. Medical insurers are perhaps the worst, but they all seem to do it. There is a simple reason: this works so often that management of the company expects to come out way ahead even allowing for the claims enforced by the courts or in arbitration, and they come out ahead even when adding in awards of punitive and other additional damages recovered by persons the courts find were wrongfully denied claims as result of the companies’ unfair settlement practices.

Your insurance claim may be for benefits under any one of the many types of coverage that exist, but as long as you are considered to be a person entitled to benefits under the policy, Florida has laws in place designed to protect you against denial or underpayment of your claim by the insurance company. It is sad that so many people misunderstand or don’t know their legal rights.

Insurance Claims

Insurance adjusters can intimidate many people, and are trained to speak convincingly when they tell someone that the type claim being made is excluded from their policy coverage, or that full payment for the damage involved does not have to be made. For example, during adjustment of storm damages many companies use adjusters who have never seen th

e language in a Florida policy and know nothing about Florida legal requirements for storm coverages. In the last six years, the numbers of people in Florida who signed settlements giving up rights to large sums of storm damage benefits because they thought they had no choice was huge, resulting in a scandal requiring intervention by the attorney general’s office.

First Neighborhood Law Firm will review your policy and help you submit and document your insurance claims.

First Neighborhood Law Firm will negotiate for you if issues arise as to the validity or amount of your claim demand.

First Neighborhood Law Firm is prepared to enforce your policy rights in
arbitration proceedings or by filing in court to recover the benefits due to you under your insurance policy.

First Neighborhood Law Firm can bring a claim against your insurance company if it fails to properly defend you against the claims of others, or fails to inform you of settlement opportunities or to act to settle claims against you leaving you exposed to possible liabilities beyond the coverage limits of your policy (Bad Faith Insurance Practices).