Wrongful Death

Death caused by negligence, dangerous acts or the neglect of others.

First Neighborhood Law Firm can represent the spouse, children, parents and other heirs of persons whose lives were cut short due to the wrongful acts or negligence of others, to the full extent allowed by law. Whether a claim is against an individual, a large corporation or the government, this law firm is ready to pursue each party responsible under law for causing the death, and to file suit if needed to obtain any damages the law permits clients to recover.

We know it is never easy to think of monetary values when a loved one’s life is cut short, but sometimes money judgments are the only form of compensation the law provides, and will be of tremendous importance in the survivors’ future.

While you must bear the grief of your personal loss, First Neighborhood Law Firm can protect your rights to be compensated for the economic damages and suffering caused to you. Once retained, the legal investigation and preservation of evidence can be our concern while you deal with the emotions, family concerns and other matters which will rightfully demand your attention during the period of mourning.

Claims brought for wrongful death require the same knowledge and determination from an attorney as claims brought to recover for personal injuries not resulting in death. After reviewing the information on this page you might wish to look at the section of this website dealing with our experience with personal injury claims.

Wrongful Death

But with claims for wrongful death, special attention must be paid by the attorney to establishing that his individual client or clients qualify to recover their damages under the provisions of State statutes and judicial decisions. The law limits which survivors can recover for their pain, suffering and financial losses resulting from wrongful death, and determines who is authorized to take action on behalf of the other survivors to bring their claims and settle them with the responsible parties.

It is usually necessary to file a case in the probate court, even if the deceased did not have valuable assets to administer (such as with the tragic death of a child), to obtain a preliminary order recognizing the legal authority of a representative who will be responsible to bring all claims against the wrong doers for everyone legally entitled to recover damages.

Occasionally, one or more of the survivors should consider hiring their own, separate attorneys, if there arises any doubt about the court-approved representative’s intention or ability to fully protect their separate interests in dealing with the wrong doers or their insurance companies. This is not always needed but deserves thought.

These legal requirements and circumstances can become complex and require just as serious attention from your attorney as do the issues regarding fault and valuing the damages to be recovered.

There also may exist claims for certain damages, such as the projected accumulated wealth the deceased would have earned during the remainder of his or her natural life, which claims should be pursued on behalf of the probate estate itself, and which may make a substantial difference to the heirs of the deceased, even those not individually allowed to make claims for wrongful death.

If you believe you may have a claim for wrongful death, First Neighborhood Law firm urges you to see us as soon as possible after the occurrence. Early action on our part may prove extremely important later when the issues must be proven to support settlement demands or for the jury to consider. We promise to do our best not to add to your worries, by understanding your loss and assisting you in every way we can. It is our sincere pledge to give you honest and straightforward answers to your questions, just as we would wish if we were the ones seeking help. Our intent is to give you every reason to trust that your case will be handled by our firm in a highly professional and competent manner.